Saturday, December 10, 2011


If I have learned anything having 5 kids its that kids have their own personality and that a lot of things going on is just a phase.  Thankfully and Sadly.

I am thankful that Levi is entering a new phase.  He is FINALLY becoming reasonable.  If he asks for a treat I can tell him to wait until after dinner without freaking out.  If I put him in bed he will stay in it.  If I ask him to clean up before doing something he will. Just today he has used the bathroom on his own (he is potty training himself), he cleaned up toys and emptied the dishwasher silverware.  He is still a lot of noisy work but I have been longing for this reason with him phase to begin.  When they figure out if-then statements real disciplining begins.

Michael is a crack up.  I know I mentioned this before but seriously, this kid falls asleep everywhere everyday.  He has even been eating at dinner with his eyes closed then gets out of the highchair and is awake for a couple more hours.  The part that cracks me up is not only that he falls asleep eating but he keeps eating for another 10min. 


Just this week he has entered a new phase.  I really don't have to keep a major eye on him if a bathroom door is open which is nice because too many peeps leave the door open. But- he is now climbing.  Major Major Major bummer.  He is climbing onto the computer desk.  He is climbing on the table. He is climbing on the counter.  Nothing is safe.  I HATE THIS PHASE!  But- I know it is just a phase.
He is also becoming more vocal and one of his favorite things to say is "Hi-JT"  He was doing it over and over before I grabbed the camera and he decided he was done with his bath.  Too cute!


jenerekfamily said...

Seriously - "Hi JT" SO DARLING!

emH said...

Aah, phases. I need to remind myself that that is what they are sometimes. I consider you in an expert and notes were taken.