Friday, December 9, 2011

Simmy's Day

Oh Simmy Jimmy!  I love that you are 7 now.  I loved being 7 and it has been my favorite # ever since.  I know telling you you were the best baby, the best cuddler, and all the bests you have been has made you cocky but they really are true.  You are really amazing. Perfect? Nope.  Human? Maybe.  You light up the world with your silly laugh, sharing heart and charming smile.  175 words per minute? Seriously?  What 1st grader does that?  

Having birthdays so close has really come in handy.  1st Disneyland Passes for free and now we were able to go to Wahoos- just me and you and play play play.  I had a blast with you.

I love you buddy- you and all of your boyness of not wanting to ever change your clothes or brush your teeth or comb your unruly hair.

You are destined for greatness in one way or another.

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jayna said...

Hubble Gardner, "The Way we were" I'm telling you!!