Thursday, April 12, 2012

Celebrating Family

It was now or maybe never.  My dad had one sister and she was amazing. She had 6 kids but we never really had a chance to get to know them because of distance and age distance.  When I found out my aunt passed away I had to go.  I knew my cousins would all be in town and it might be my last chance to get to meet them and get to know them.  I jumped in the car and drove 17 hours with only a overnight stop in Utah.  My cousins welcomed me and my brothers with open arms.  They were able to drive out too much to my happiness.  We were able to celebrate my Aunt.

 We were also able to see where my grandparent's ashes were laid to rest.

I almost left before having a picture taken of us!  I really wish my sisters were there but I am so thankful for this picture.  New doors were opened.  

Have I ever mentioned my interest in family history? I was able to look at my Aunt's things and pictures and saw this picture of my dad's sister who passed away when she was 3.  I never even knew there was a picture of her.  My brother took this picture so we would have a copy.

Next I get to figure out who this is. . .Good Fun!


Heidi said...

You inspire me. Thanks for going out of your way to visit me, too!

Heidi said...

I usually have to go through two or three sets of "prove you're not a robot" words! Do I need new contacts??