Saturday, April 14, 2012

Levi Turns 3

Do you remember how big this sticky,skinny kid was when he was born?

He was 10lbs 2oz.  Now he is only 3lbs heavier than his little brother.
We celebrated his birthday early because his birthday lands on a Tuesday.  Tuesdays are karazy around here.  He will find out one day when reading our blog book that we pretended like his 3rd birthday was on Sunday.

We celebrated by having dinner and an Egg Hunt at Grandpa and Grandma's house.

Levi's response last year was a lot more dramatic but you can still see the fear in his eyes.

Just for fun- I wanted to share this video of Michael who thought I was taking a picture

Back to Levi.  He is an amazing kid.  He is incredibly smart and loves to have a good time.  
He loves inviting people into our home.  He has even tried to start "mac-a-noni cheese" just to keep friends over at dinner time.  
Somehow he manages to be a neat freak and be a tornado all at the same time.  
He LOVES to sing and he can sing on pitch pretty well.  
He can spend an hour on puzzles no problem.  
Anytime we hit a bump in the road he yells "What the HECK!"
We can understand most everything he says now and his sentences are fairly well put together except he brakes out with nonsense. He says "Its a gate" and "Its a day day" at the most random times.
When he tries to go to sleep in the same room with Michael and Michael is making noise he leaves the room and says "Michael is louding" and goes and sleeps in Jts room. 
He loves every character out there- right now Little Einsteins hold his heart.  
He loves animals and is so soft with them and often says"ohhh-so cute".
He loves to cuddle especially if someone else is cuddling with me.
He has a tendency to grate on our ears though.  From very young he would scream so loud and high pitched it hurt.  Now he repeats himself over and over and over and over and over. Sorry baby.
He is a Houdini.  He can get into and break out of anything.  Nothing is safe including himself.  Its a horrible, horrible feeling to have a neighbor bringing him (and his brother) home because Levi got the carabiner off the gate and got out while I was going to the bathroom.  Its happens weekly.
The other night I prayed for "the babies"- probably to be safe- and it felt weird.  He is not a baby anymore.  He is an independent kid who loves life and learning. We love this kid so so SO much.

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