Friday, January 23, 2009

Rory's Dancing and Hair

Just to let my loyal fans know, I started doing a lame but effective Pregnancy Yoga video and I am having a lot less pain. That with my milk steamers keeping middle of the night heartburn and leg cramps away I am doing pretty good.

Rory was in a couple month long dance class and here is the show.

Auditioning for the school talent show has been interesting. She does not want to sing while Jt plays the piano or do the dance from the recital. She wants to do a song she made up. Roger was sure if she saw herself do it do it she would change her mind. Wrong. She thought it was perfect. Just so you know, she had crazy hair day at school.

This video is her doing the background music. . .because she thought she had to have background music to audition. I laughed all day long about that one.

Here she is with cute hair to make up for the crazy hair day video. She has been letting me do her hair on Sundays since we made the bows. I took the picture so she could see what her hair looks like. Good Fun!


GNGT said...

Keep singing and dancing Rory. Grandma is and it's great fun your whole life.

Kristen said...

Confidence is vital. She will do great things.

The Gale Family said...

I think it is perfect! She sings, dances, composes, and does her own choreography AND background music... wow, that's talent for sure!! I just wanted to poke her belly button at the end of her routine when her tummy was showing in her final pose! :)

I wouldn't want to sing with Joshy playing the piano either because he might steal the show... cha! Eyes on me, me, me... right?! I think she should wear her hair crazy for the talent show too... it's memorable... people vote for that stuff! ;)

I am glad that you are feeling better sista. Bringing me another nephew is so worth your pain. ;)

emH said...

If only there was a way to bottle that kind of energy. Jolt or Red Bull or whatever would have nothing on it.

Jenn said...

I absolutely love it! She is a good little dancer too. I am actually really impressed that she made that audition rendition up herself. Maybe she will be a choreographer some day. Keep it up Rory we love you. I just took video of Sam dancing tonight and she was falling all over the place, bless her heart. Maybe she didn't get my coordination.

I do like the latest "do" on Rory!

Molly said...

That was AWESOME!!! She is gonna be so embarrassed in about 8 years. She cracks me up... actually all of your kids crack me up!! I love you.