Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happiness to my Soul

There are a lot of things that bring happiness to my soul. Currently I am finding happiness due to this handy device

I had never heard of a cocomotion before last year's book club featuring different flavors of hot chocolate made in multiple cocomotions borrowed by the hostess. Hmm. . . I thought Roger would dig that so I bought him one for Christmas.
In case you were wondering this device quickly whips up up to 4 frothy cups of hot chocolate after you merely pour in milk(or water) and hot chocolate power(or syrup). Presto! Perfect temperature and all.
Now I do like hot chocolate but what really brings me happiness is a milk steamer. I have been buying that for years at coffee houses but now my friends, I can make them at home. Some milk and some flavored coffee creamer and I am in Heaven. I have tried almond(at coffee houses) Krispy creme flavored(at a mock Krispy Kreme), gingerbread, vanilla, and hazelnut. Yum yum! I need to find the flavored syrups to see if they are better but right now I am feeling good.


emH said...

Mmmm MMmm good. I've heard good things about the gingerbread flavor. Almond is a favorite. Froth is the best part. I got my family a little battery operated whisker thingy that makes our hot drink kind of frothy, but not really. We might need one of those.

pcerik said...

My fav is totally hazelnut or amaretto!

Kristen Duke said...

so you are saying that the frothed milk helps your heartburn/cramps?