Sunday, May 24, 2009

Levi 6 Weeks and a Small Project

The kids have been asking why Levi does not wear church clothes so I appliqued a tie on in 5 min. Roger's sister Emily was here and she was experimenting with appliques so I had to try a little too and it could get addictive. Next time I will finish the edges.

Chubby Bubby at 6 weeks

Here is what our kids do when Roger Levi and I are napping on a Sunday afternoon.

Plenty of people ask how I am doing with 4 kids. I love having Levi in our home. The kids adore him and are very helpful. He sleeps well so I am not a walking zombie which is great. I am not getting all the things done I was getting before but that's just fine. I planned on that. Everything takes more planning especially leaving the house. I had it easy with independent children so I am having to do less me stuff like sleeping in, taking a long shower, shopping alone, 2 hands for doing most everything, doing my nails and such but thats okay. I get this sweet baby to cuddle and love. It is more work but it is worth it and I have yet to have a hard time. You know what I mean. Those moments where you feel like something in you is going to break either your heart, your mind, your arms, your brain, or your kids. Ok fine- I will admit to feeling that way once right before we had out of town guests but Roger jumped in and I only felt that way briefly. Roger is a stud. I would probably feel like breaking if I did not have such a helpful husband.
Besides- things don't get hard for me until they are moblile. Than its nasty fun:)


Jenn said...

"Here Here" to everything you said. I think I could handle four kids! I am glad to know that you acknowledge the change that will occure when Levi starts to crawl, but even that is do-able, because Heavely Father made us so that we slowly develop and because of that you get time to adjust! You will be just fine, remember you are Super Woman!
P.S. I am sorry we did not see you, Thank you for loving me anyway.

Holly Robertson said...

I Love Levi's tie. Wish I could see him at church in person.

Holly Robertson said...

So glad all's going well!