Thursday, May 7, 2009

Projects I am Drooling Over

Well, my camera broke. No more pictures of my yummy baby. For a little while. If you want to compare kids, he is fussier than Rory and Simeon but not as bad as Josh. Nor does he seem to need/want as much sleep. I would still say he is an easy baby and lets me sleep well at night. He usually only wakes up once and it is 4-8 hours after I last fed him. He never has crying jags but is fussy most of the time he is awake. Because he doesn't sleep as much during the day and he is fussy, I am not getting much done. The basics are happening and the house is clean but not much on top of that. I have enough time to drool over projects but not time to do them. Maybe if I purge the ideas here, I will stop obsessing and know that someday will get here soon enough.

Long Summer Dress (Top Left)

Shoulder Bag(bottom one in the picture)


Pillow covers for the couch

Baby Shoes

and the probably never going to happen

Sigh--- I am sure there is more I am not even thinking about at this moment


Tami said...

Those look like great projects--so cute! But give yourself a break! Cherish this time with your new, sweet baby. The projects will wait, but your growing baby won't.

emH said...

Give it a week and some, and two hands can get much more done than one. I am looking forward to seeing you.

Jenn said...

Yeah, I am feeling the same...drooling over projects but not having enough time. That is why your car seat cover isn't done yet! But, I am coming down in two weeks, so now I have dead line! can you measure the size around your car seat handle?
I agree, enjoy your little one, time goes by too fast...Lyla turns 1 tomorrow! You don't want to know how many projects I haven't gotten done in the last year, but I sure have loved being with my girl.

Joni said...

Kelly girl-I have an adorable skirt pattern I made for Zoe you can borrow for Rory...When you're up for it of course! Enjoy that baby...they don't keep!