Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sewing Machine

Sew Mama Sew is having Sewing Machine Month and is having great prizes. They asked us to write about our sewing machine and I know friends have asked too. So here is my baby:

What brand and model do you have? Kenmore 385.15108200- Basic Sears Model

How long have you had it? 6 Years

How much does that machine cost (approximately)? around $150

What types of things do you sew ? Diaper Bags, quilts, clothing

How much do you sew? How much wear and tear does the machine get? Average 5 hours a week I am guessing. I wear it really hard with the home decor fabric and vinyl layers.

Do you like/love/hate your machine? Are you ambivalent? Passionate? Does she have a name? I am very proud of what my machine has accomplished for such a dinky thing. I have tried other people's machine and didn't like theirs as much as mine. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a new high tech machine that does the works and embroiders and has a longer arm and and and. . .

What features does your machine have that work well for you? Just the basics- straight and zig zag

Is there anything that drives you nuts about your machine? Hmmm that my zig zag line lengths can't change- just the distance apart. Not to the point of driving me nuts though.

Do you have a great story to share about your machine (i.e., Found it under the Christmas tree? Dropped it on the kitchen floor? Sewed your fingernail to your zipper?, Got it from your Great Grandma?, etc.!)? We want to hear it! No great stories- sorry. I lost the detachable part of my arm back when I really did not know how to use it and it sat in storage. I would have loved the extra work space but forget I even had it.

Would you recommend the machine to others? Why? It has done me so good how could I not. If you are looking for the basics than it works great. The machine and I worked out most of our kinks a couple years ago. I rarely break thread or needles anymore.

What factors do you think are important to consider when looking for a new machine? The kind of stitches you want, access to different feet, price vs features. I wish my needle stopped in the optional or down place. Also I wish mine had a longer bed to have more for machine quilting.

Do you have a dream machine? I really don't look because I know I am not going to get one anytime soon.

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