Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh Baby

My friend Martha had her first baby. Ar they not the cutest? I love the sheer happiness on Martha's face! Do you notice the smirk on the baby girl's sweet face?

Well, my natural childbirth friend came from one of the other wards when the stake was rearranged and although she had a shower with work friends and a few from her old ward, we had had to throw her a shower. With MUCH help from other gal's the shower was at my home. I basically just offered my home and decorated a small bit. The other gal's did the invites, food assignments, and group gift. I did have fun decorating though. The night before when I was putting things together Roger asked if I was having fun and I noticed the smile I had on my face. Yes, I was having fun.

Since she already had her baby (ward split, other showers, and bed rest), I had picture from her blog and facebook decorating the table. It was actually fun to have the celebrated baby there. Do you like my watermelon stroller? It was actually very easy to make.

What a beautiful new mom! I am so glad I was able to help celebrate her and her sweet bundle!

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M-Ware said...

Ah Kelly! You are the BEST! What can I say? You are seriously the sweetest to host and decorate. I loved the watermelon - it was truly a work of art!!