Friday, April 23, 2010

Easter Camping

I am no good at holidays. I stink at them. I can't lie and I am not very festive. Sometimes I try and others I do not

The best I can seem to do for Easter is an egg hunt with friends a week before.

We talk about the important parts of the religious holidays but as far as the "fun"stuff goes I stink. Roger made it better but his cool camping trip had more to do with Spring Break than Easter. After watching morning Conference he took them camping for 2 days. Chad slept one night there and Levi and I met them there during the day and stayed through dinner.

We got them all snorkeling gear but I promised them that 2 years ago.

I hid eggs. . . in stinging nettle. Yup- I lose.

but the trip was a blast- rain, earthquake and all.


emH said...

That is funny. My kids hate "stinging metal" and there is a TON of it here. Poor kids. Honestly though, the only thing that stinks about you and motherhood is your gas.

Molly said...

You are a blogging machine! So much going on! Happy Birthday Levi! :)