Saturday, April 24, 2010

This One Year Old of Mine

So- yeah- 2 weeks ago Levi turned one. This little babe of mine is such a pleasure to have in our home (except when he is sick like he currently is because he cries a lot when he is sick unlike my other children- cough cough). I love all the little sounds he makes and the drooly kisses, and the look of love in his eyes. We haven't noticed any strong personality traits in him yet which is kind of nice since strong personality traits can often be interesting to handle. He knows what he wants but he isn't totally tyrannical about. He likes to get into things but he isn't a daredevil. He likes to play with his siblings but likes even more to be near me. He doesn't like toys just pots and tupperware and such. He isn't ahead of the ballgame in anyway. He only has three teeth- two on the bottom and one side one on the top. He crawls well and has been cruising for months but has no inclination to walk. He babbles a lot and will occasionally mimic a sound we are trying to get him to say but no real words. He loves to point and I love knowing a little better what he wants. He waves bye bye when I get my shoes on or when when I get near the door or when he gets near his bed. He thumps his chest when he sees Roger like they are monkeys. When he does not want something I am offering he shakes his fist and brings his fist under his chin. If I keep offering he pushes it away. He sleeps great in his bed but not on the move. He thinks sticking out his tongue at food is funny. He handled weaning this week like it was no big deal. He like to crawl all over me when I exercise. He has no stranger anxiety but feigns shy more than the others did. He likes strawberries, grapes, bananas, beans, cheese sticks, dinonuggets, oatmeal, eggs, english muffins with peanut butter, greek yogurt with flax seed, quesadillas, and water. There are a lot of things he will not eat or drink- like milk. I hope you feel you know my sweet one year old a little better.

We had a little party with Roger's brother Chad, sister in law Andrea, and kids we watch for date night swap and every other swap thing we need. I made him a very healthy whole wheat, carrot agave cake. He didn't really go for it but we loved it. I bet he would have if it were chocolate.

Just in case you wish you were there I included a video:


GNGT said...

Yes I wish I was there GT

emH said...

Happy Birthday little man. I love that they all come with their own set of quirks and charms. Its fun to discover them.

Josh said...

Levi knows what funny means

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Levi. I loved getting to know him. I loved that you slyly rolled up his sleeves (a girl after my own heart) and that you put his hand up to his mouth. And I loved hearing all the kids voices in the back ground. What a fun day.