Thursday, April 22, 2010


Once again our ward had another dress up party and this time it was a Hoedown. Who knew this Texan didn't have any Cowgirl Clothes?? Give me a break! Our camera was not happy with our moving around. Go figure.

We ate a yummy dinner and Jt and I joined the dancing. It was actually a little complicated for the wee ones. I had wished they had normal dancing but the Caller was really old and hard of hearing and was not down with any nonsense. Josh did great and Levi loved being along for the ride.

I love love love love X10 my Ergo Carrier. I can still carry him on my back (and front on the occasion shhh) at 21 weeks. These pics were from a month ago and I am growing bigger.

Good Fun!


Jenn said...

looks like a fun amaze me! Love ya!

emH said...

I got my Ergo with #1 after months of sweating and stressing the investment. What an awesome investment it was though (even though #2 wasn't fond of it). I can still fit #1 in it and comfortably carry her at 4.5 years. I'm glad you love yours. I imagine with your energy, the littlest ones would need a ride just to keep up.

Molly said...

you're right, we need to move there! it looks so fun!! :)