Saturday, May 8, 2010

Finished Quilt

For obvious reasons I am deleting most of the words to this post. Thank you for letting me vent! Here is a Tshirt quilt I made and learned a lot from for a woman in my ward.


The projects I love have been put on hold and/or forgotten as all my "free" time went to this quilt or to avoiding this quilt.

Right away I made these necklaces for Mother's Day. I stamped my mom and Roger's mom's family names on the washers. I did not get a good pic before sending them off into the mail. I spread the washers out so you can see them better but you really can't see them anyway.

I did squeeze this playmat in for my newest niece so I could feel some creative release. I used some of the same material I used on the quilt for Roger and I's bed plus some more. I love it!

I was called to be Primary Chorister over Christmas which has also helped with my creative release but I am gearing up for some things for the wee one growing inside me.


Jenn said...

Oh you poor thing! I can not believe that anyone would actually act that way to you. Do they just not understand what they really asked? Seriously, have some compassion! I have been wanting to do a similair thing with my old Volleyball T-shirts. And considering I have never really quilted...well lets just say, it may never happen now. I am proud of you for finishing it. It sucks to have project that you don't really enjoy and have your heart into. I sure hope she finally pays up. Maybe that will add a silver lining. At least it will get it our of your house!

emH said...

Ugh. I hate money. A standing ovation for all you do Kelly.

emH said...

Ugh. I hate money. A standing ovation for all you do Kelly.

Kirbell said...

So sorry. Don't do any more on it!!

Joni said...

Kelly girl, it looks great!!! There is an easier way to prevent stretching if you ever decide to make one for yourself...I would let this person take it or leave it. There is no such thing as a perfect quilt, tell her a professional told you....miss you!

Carolyn said...

Aaron and I are both wondering what's up with some people! I've made t-shirt quilts from both Aaron and I's (?) old shirts and it is incredibly hard! I can't imagine having the pressure of doing it for someone else. I think it looks great and the hag can do it herself next time.

GNGT said...

I think you did a wonderful job on that quilt. I admire your tenacity
drive and guts.
You are am amazing woman.
Take on easier project you will enjoy from now on.