Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bubble Preschool

Oh! How I love the simplicity of bubbles!! We spent much time with such simple toys. They put socks over cut water bottles (which I had to bum off someone since we don't use them anymore) held on with a rubber band:

Flower pot holders from the local nursery:

and a cool bubble wand:


emH said...

Wow! I want to be in your preschool. I love your ideas! Sadly, I can't play your videos over here. I can't play quite a few US videos from different sites (FB seems to be OK most the time). I sure love the pictures of your beautiful family.

GNGT said...

Bubbles are truly mother's and nursery leaders best friend. I miss your children so much I appreciate you sharing your children through photos. I miss the traditional grandma who lives close to her grandchildren, love you all.

Tami said...

So fun!

Melissa said...

Bubbles are such fun!

Good job Josh on your karate skills!