Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Levi's Milestones

Understandably, this kid melts my heart!

Did you know he is my first kid to work some curls?? They are only in the back and how often does one take pictures of the back of their child's head?
I did here because he was crackin me up with how long he was playing with an empty raisin container. There are not even many curls here

Do you see that one little tooth up on top on the side? That was his 3rd tooth. Yup- on the side.

But now he has 4 on top. 2 in front, the same one on the side and on the same side one even further back. I am so glad he has teeth. At first the thought of no more gummy grins broke my heart but now I am ready for less whole food in the diaper region- ie raisins, black beans and chunks of olives. TMI

This melts my poor heart every time I see him walk. He is over 13 months and finally walking by his own choice mot of the time. He can't stand from sitting yet so he crawls to something he can stand up with.

I love this baby! I need to stop calling him baby though. I will say to one of my kids "The baby is kicking- do you want to feel?" and they will look at Levi. Not the baby for much longer!


GNGT said...

melts mine too

emH said...

sweet little man! Thanks for sharing all those wonderful things about your precious boy. You and R make such beautiful little ones.

emH said...

I noticed the teething necklace. Does it work? Love the curls. M had them and still works thick, gorgeous waves as well as out right ringlets when prompted.

Michelle said...