Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Two Days

Two days after we were given a Trampoline, Levi landed wrong on his leg.

This lovely lady came to the rescue!

Levi is starting to crawl around with the cast on and will crawl to something and stand up on the good leg. He will also climb up a stool and then climb onto the counter. Nothing is safe. He is also still desperate to jump on the trampoline so I go out with him and hold him while I bounce. Women who have had 5 children have no business jumping on the trampoline, even after relieving themselves right before going out.


Melissa said...

Women who have only had two children have no business on a trampoline either! Poor Levi, and poor you. I hope he gets his cast off soon and everything heals well. He sure is a cutie!

Chelsee said...

Oh my goodness! My little Benson broke his leg in Dec. His cast looked exactly like Levi's. Benson ended up learning how to walk with the thing on. It was pretty funny. I'm sure Levi will figure out a way to become mobile again. Good luck!

Jenn said...

Tee Hee Hee Hee! Oh the imagery! Poor Levi, you both will survive, but that is no fun! I have pictures of me walking around in two of those casts!!!