Sunday, April 17, 2011


Look at these boys who have joined our family! Aren't they cute!? Aren't they lucky to have a brother so close in age?
At this point they are noticeably different in age but soon enough people will ask of they are twins. Michael is still definitely a baby with no hair, 2 teeth, and no verbal skills but he is a big boy.

With only 6 inches and 6lbs different, Michael is catching up. I am pulling out clothes for him that are size 12 months. Levi just grew out of them!!
aaaaaand they are done taking pictures.
They are so lucky to have older brothers who LOVE them too!

I first published this post without this paragraph. I have been thinking about how I am doing having 5 kids and figured some of you where wondering how I am doing too. Some days I love having 2 babies. I really do love the cuddles, the kisses, the new learning on both our parts. I love their smiles, their laughs. I would never take back having two babies so close together.

Some days I wonder what in the heck I was thinking having 2 babies so close when I already have 3. I get bored with the routine. Not bored because there is nothing to do but because there is too much to do that is not fun. There is too much cleaning, too much "entertaining", too much poop, too much cooking. Some day I want to just cry in bed. Those are days like yesterday when Levi hurt his leg again and I really thought it was broken. It just makes me tired. I don't cry in bed. I just keep going and doing.

It is just a wonderful challenge to make sure I am doing the best I can at making sure these kids are being taught the best things. They need to me to be nice. They are good kids that just need direction everyday. They are awesome. Life is awesome but tiring :)


Shari said...

kelly, you have no idea how much I needed to hear this. for my own sanity. for my own spirit to be rejuvinated to be a better mom and to not give up. thank you thank you! i love your optimism and courage!

emH said...

So very cute! I love it. I want to meet them both so badly. Thanks for putting them down for me to enjoy from a distant.

The Gale Family said...

I love the first picture. Michael reminds me of Joshy. Hmmmm... they need me to be nice... I am going to try and tell myself that about everyone.