Thursday, April 14, 2011

Levi is 2!

I can't get this kid to take a normal picture to save his life
Oh, what to say about Levi. . .he is. . .fun. . .busy. . .full of energy. He is not mischievous, stubborn, or naughty on purpose. He is ready to be a big boy and do what the big boys do.

He is actually calming down quite a bit. When we first moved in with Grandma and Grandpa T he screamed a lot. Happy, mad, sad, glad all required this very high pitched scream. It was a head exploding scream. All of us worked really hard to teach him how to talk because it seemed his lack of communicating was causing the chaos. I would have to say the plan worked and he is much easier be around.

He loves to give kisses, laugh and play play play.

He just discovered trains and is in LOVE.

I love the new words he pulls out of his hat daily and how he brings me his sippy and says "no ni night" over and over to make sure I understand that even though he wants milk, he is not going to bed.

He know what he wants and like most kids, it involves sugar.

I love this kid to pieces.

Enjoy the video of the birthday cake and his awesome reaction.


emH said...

I've been waiting for this post. What fun! I want to knodel this boy to pieces! He is a cutey. Good times.

Holly said...

oh my! love the video, thanks for sharing! :) BTW Simeon was telling me yesterday that JT is a nerd and he wants to marry a nerd.

The Gale Family said...

Why did he cry?