Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hippo Baby

I wanted to show off his hippo teeth before they are gone.

Michael hit 9 months last week. If you know me, you know I do not encourage crawling. They are much more dangerous when they are mobile. Nevertheless crawling is upon us. I got the babies out of the bathtub and before I could blink he was up to trouble. Look how innocent he looks.

He's got some moves going on.

He is not innocent at all! What a tease!!


Melissa said...

I love the hippo baby picture!

emH said...

That was FABULOUS! I love hearing his baby jabber. I love seeing him struggle to move. I love how LONG he is. What a big boy. Fun fun for you. What a great time to be chasing babies. What will his interests be? What mischief does he like to make?

The Gale Family said...

I love the video clips! I think he is innocent... just curious is all. :)

pcerik said...

No, vampire baby! :) Oh, and that after-bath hair-pulling thing has a very similar play out at our house. Only, once Claire's hair gets pulled, it's ALL over.