Saturday, June 18, 2011

Its kinda a funny story

A few months ago I asked Roger how old his dad was turning in June and he told me 60. Ideas starting twirling in my head about a BIG party. We ran into his best friend that night and I mentioned the 60th bday and he said "Big Surprise Party at my house!" Except without the exclamation point because I have been informed that men do not use exclamation points. I promptly contacted Roger's siblings to see if they could come come out and asked Roger to get an invite list put together.
Fast forward to a month before the big day. I asked Roj to contact the host to see if things were still ago. He had too many health problems creep up so he was out. We decided to have it here. We had already been busting our tail on the outside and finally got to a point where we could plant grass seeds to host the party outside. We moved back inside for some more projects. We work really well with deadlines so this we great motivation to get some bigger projects done.
I had imagined a HUGE party with lots of friends and family. Roger started thinking otherwise and thought just family and closest of close friends would be all Grey would want. He decided to ask his dad who he wanted to invite. I don't get that but will leave it at that it was no longer BIG and no longer a suprise
Fast forward to last night. The house is just about ready. The food is bought and I have some last minute cooking to do. Roger's sister is coming from CA. His brother is here from Ut. Other family and closest friends are planning on coming. Then. . . right before I go to sleep. . .Simeon throws up. What? Maybe he ate something funny was our hope. Then. . .Michael. . .throws up.
Grey, I love you. I really wanted to throw a big special party so everyone could tell you that you are loved and we think you are awesome. Can we have the small party at your house? minus me, Simmy, Michael, and whoever we decide needs to be quarantined. Oh, and, I hope you don't have it too since we just saw you a couple days ago. Happy Birthday. I give up and can only laugh

*UPDATE- We all got sick. Every last one of us, Roger's mom, and Roger's sister and family that came for a visit. It also rained the night of the party and we were going to do it outside. True story


Andi said...

oh no! at least you can laugh about it. you gave it your best shot and that's all that matters. love to everyone and I hope the kids and whoever else may have caught the bug feel better soon!

pcerik said...

Oh, dear...I seem to remember something about "the best-laid plans of mice and men" or something like that. :) Totally the thought that counts.