Saturday, June 18, 2011

Family Room Walk Through Phase C

We have been working hard on the outside of our house and I will dedicate more to that but I will show you a little bit. I love our yard, hard work and all


I am sure there were other flowers that were not photographed in this spot
in between these 2 pics. That's an apple tree behind the roses

I wanted this to be a post to remind you how awesome the Father of my children is. He is awesome and I am going to show you how awesome he is but really, its a post about our home and some progress we have made.

Bright and early on Memorial Day, he woke up and got to work.

Remember my post on the family room? I warned you this would take many phases to get this room set. This is phase c out of hopefully 4 phases.


Eventually we will have a TV down there and cupboards/drawers. I would have loved to have decorated this perfectly before showing it off but who knows when that will be??

Come closer- This credenza was beyond boring and blah. I still need to decide on perfect knobs.

He built me a sewing desk so I can see the kids outside while I sew. Many of you have asked how I get my sewing done. I first laugh because I don't get 1/4 of what I want to then I explain that I sit down for 30secs to 5 min at a time in the middle of all the action. Since most of the action is outside, we have friends over a lot, and I need to have an ear and 1/2 an eye on them, this place is perfect.

This will be a window seat when I can bring myself to pay for the ridiculous price of foam

If you know our family, you know we have heirloom mushrooms. Roger has reupholstered them twice (once with his sister's help) and I invited a friend over to help me take a staple at it. The old fabric was NASTY!! Do you see the worn part vs the unexposed part.

Cute, cute cute now. It goes with the rug and was the inspiration for the credenza color.

Again, not decorated or organized but Roger built (and I painted) a desk.



so much to still do!!

I don't want to be done with befores and nows.


The trees and grass make an amazing difference.
The spring flowers are long gone though.
Do you see something else different?

Let me get a little closer

Here is reminder close up to before
Did you catch my new door? 5 coats later and it is wonderfully bright
Okay, I am done now :)


emH said...

Oh my, you do have unique taste. Wonderfully unique. I like it a lot. Good work. You and Roj make a good team. I can't wait to see it. Maybe it will be done by the time that comes around.

Kirbell said...

Awesome progress! everything looks amazing. Ummmh, what is with the crazy tree?

Audra Bollard said...

Your "before & after" posts are my favorite! LOVE the bright front door, so cheerful to come home to.

I'm so excited to see you during Hero Camp--that is some true loyalty to come for that week. We will have to catch up sitting at the Lagoon like old times . . . miss you!

Michelle said...

Is that the brown credenza that you've had for a long time? Hello YELLOW door! Fun!