Tuesday, May 29, 2012



I can't really complain.  Jt and Rory came home with a hefty load but do kids really need to get an award for choir, band, and orchestra.  Did we not clap our hearts out for them at their concerts.

Jt won the Lions International award for his Patriotism essay for the 5th grade.

He also received one for Choir, Band, Student Council, and Honor Roll, and Personal Best.  The personal best was given to the 4 kids in his class who has a 4.0 the whole year and signed up and participated in everything he possibly could.  Jt is definitely a go getter.

Roty received one for Choir, Honor Roll, Student Council, and Reading Achievement.  She mentioned that Rory and her bf were always the one to laugh at jokes that no one else gets during the book that is read aloud.

They are both so dang smart in their own ways.  Way to go kids!

Shall I mention here that in 1st grade they only get one award a year and Simeon received his in the very beginning of the year and I missed it for no good reason.

Way to go Simmy!  Your are insanely smart too!


emH said...

insanely super kids

pcerik said...

Can't feel TOO bad about them getting awards... :)

pcerik said...

Can't feel TOO bad about them getting awarded, though... :)