Sunday, May 13, 2012


Look what I found the other day at a garage sale next door to Roger's parents!  They took my breath away I was so excited.

Why would I be excited about that?  If you are family, you would so understand. Have you ever noticed these on my wall?

They were my mother's and I grew up with these shrooms on my counters and walls all growing up.  Now I have the canisters in my house- unless I decide I should give them to my little bro for his graduation present from college.  I wonder if he wants them. . .

Since it is Mother's and shrooms were my mother's thing, I made the radishes from my garden into tiny mushrooms to go onto the salad greens which were also from my garden.   Good fun!


emH said...

Hooray for Shrooms! I think it is fun that you and Roj have independently made mushrooms a central theme in your home. What does that mean?

I love even more that you are eating your yard! Well done Kelly. I'm so very proud.

Jenn said...

Those are the best canisters! Amazing that they match your wall hangings. I am flattered to see the other sign in that picture too! Love ya!

P.S. you are totally allowed to love your flowers and trees and take as many pictures as you want and post to your hearts content! I would do the same!