Sunday, December 16, 2007

Back to Bethlehem

Our ward party this year had a fun Back to Bethlehem theme. Everyone was encouraged to wear "Bethlehem Attire" (which I sewed) and visit different shops around the gym. We then had dinner on our blankets on the floor and watched a nativity show. Well, most people watched. Roger and I were asked to put on the show way back in October, days before the magic show. Everything went very well! The night was entertaining and touching.
To keep the spirit of the night right, the children had breakfast with Santa instead of seeing him at the party and took these cute pictures. Good Fun!


Shelby said...

Our ward did the Bethlehem theme this year too. We couldn't go, but we heard it was an amazing night. Cute family picture too!

Wayne and Michelle said...

Will you email your Bethlehem picture to me pretty please?

The Hoyal Family said...

So cute! I love the "Bethlehem" clothes you sewed. I am glad your ward kept the birth of our Savior at the center of their Christmas celebration!