Monday, December 31, 2007


We Swam

We ate Japanese (The tradition is Chinese food but we could not get a reservation for 11 last minute because well, we found out last minute there would be 11)

We opened
We played
Good Fun!


Shelby said...

Cute, never heard of Chinese food tradition on Christmas! That would be the best present for me-to not have to cook or clean up a kitchen!

The Hoyal Family said...

Merry Christmas Titmi!

Kristen said...

Good fun! I love that you are posting like crazy now. Poor Josh on his bike!

Emily said...

We tried doing a Bethlehem Christmas eve dinner. Just to shake it up. We ate simple, bread and goat cheese (from the Joseph went to Beth.. song) as well as hummus and random cut up vegetables we thought Mary and Joseph may have had. It didn't taste good at all. We'll have to re-think for next year's eve.