Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Simeon!!

We were in Hawaii on Simeon's Birthday so we finally had a small party for him last week. It was his first friend party which probably has something to do with his birthday being around such a BUSY time of year! It was a typical 3 year old Spiderman party. Not much creativity involved. Notice his frog in a lot of the pictures. Thanks Audra for bringing the camera!

Simeon is such a fantastic addition to our family! He is a boy through and through. His current love is Spiderman but he loves trains, matchbox cars, Little Einstein and such. He has started a new thing for him where he sings everything he says. He would hug and kiss and cuddle all day long if I let him. I have certainly babied him and he gets away with so much but what can I do when he is so cuddly. We love you Simeon!!


Wayne and Michelle said...

What is that silly little chic doing in the first photo?!

The Hoyal Family said...

Happy Birthday Simeon!