Sunday, December 9, 2007

Santa Claus is coming?

A couple of years ago my inquisitive Josh asked me in round about ways if Santa was real. I was able to weasel my way around the question without answering. He finally asked me point blank if Santa was real. I asked "Do you want to know what you kids think or do you want to know the truth?" He answered the "The Truth". I told him all about giving and what Santa represents instead of actually being Santa yada yada. The next day he was running around yelling "Santa Claus is coming!!!" I shrugged my shoulders and let him believe what he clearly wanted to believe.

I have started to think that I teach my kids about Santa but I don't walk around telling them about him. After a conversation with a friend I started to wonder if I really do keep the Santa love alive. You tell me.

I don't talk about Santa.
I don't tell them that the big present is from Santa.
If they ask where a present comes from I tell them(ie Target)

I do sing songs about Santa
We may do Santa crafts
We have stocking that are left at the end of the bed
The "big" present is unwrapped
They have to go to bed early in Christmas Eve

Is Santa Claus coming to our house?


jenerekfamily said...

I am the same way. I don't really play up Santa to my kids at all. We don't have a present from Santa Claus or make much of a big deal about him during the season. I am totally fine with them believing in Santa Claus, but I don't want to try and CONVINCE them that he is real just to later on tell them that it wasn't true. Maybe I'm just a total weirdo.

Emily said...

I've been thinking about how to approach this one as well. My hometeacher made an interesting comment. Santa fills his kids stockings, and is the spirit of giving, etc, but the "big" present is from Mom and Dad. That way they get to be the heros, not a pretend guy in a suit.

Shelby said...

My mom gave us a book called "I Believe in Santa" It is a really sweet little book teaching what "Santa" represents but also ties it to the true meaning of Christmas. (She bought it at Deseret Books)

I guess I am little biased because I found out at 5 yrs old. I was kind of bummed that I didn't get to participate in the magic and wonder of believing in Santa. So, yes, Santa comes to our house and he brings a few presents-(most of them are from "mom and dad" though.) In fact, I pulled out the Christmas decorations after the girls had gone to bed a few weeks ago and when Lauren woke up the next morning, she came running into our room saying Santa had already come and brought her Christmas books to read. She now tells everyone about how Santa already came once to her house. I just let her believe it. No point in disappointing such a special moment for her. Really, I think what kids remember most and hold more dear are the family memories though-not what Santa did. So while we don't go out of our way to encourage and mention Santa all the time, I see no harm in a childhood belief of someone who represents a lot of good and brings a smile to my daughters face.

I think you are doing it exactly right.

Wayne and Michelle said...

Santa isn't real?! Who eats our cookies and dances on our roof?

Hey Maughan said...

Santa is big in our house because I myself still believe in Santa. I have never had more fun with Santa than BEING Santa, and since I am real, Santa is real. Will my kids be disappointed to find out the true identity of Santa? Yes, I'm sure they will. But it makes him no less real...just more like a superhero that is average by day and dons the Santa suit by night.

But I'm all for people handling the Santa topic however suits them best because part of the fun of Christmas is how every family makes it their own thing and celebrates it in their own way.