Sunday, February 10, 2008

Good Idea #1,267,948

Just kidding. I don't keep count. I have noticed that even though I think my ideas are fabulous, I don't think many people try them out. That is what seperates my blog from other more useful blogs.

Here is one that has been fantastic for our townhome dwelling family.
I took (from a sport's store)

and added (from Ikea)

and made (in my bedroom)

for hours and hours of

Good Fun!


Mike & Shelby said...

I can say that without a doubt...Lauren would LOVE that idea for her house. Especially sice all the parks around here are snowed on right now!

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

happy times, watch for the injuries too. Switzerland is awesome, so is Germany. check out our blog love you

The Hoyal Family said...

Looks like fun! We should make one to use on our wonderful windy Fontana days!

Michelle said...

This looks scary! It is not a strangling hazard?

The Titmi said...

When I was formulating the idea and where it was going I thought of the possible dangers. We put it in our room/bathroom instead of say in their room close to a bed. With that and talking to them all of the time about nothing going around their necks I think it about as safe as anything. Love ya!