Sunday, February 17, 2008

IUD birth control

Sorry guys for this post. Without being too technical I wanted to voice my opinions of IUDs with and without hormones.

I love IUDs! They are the best solution for easy birth control. You have it inserted (only mild discomfort) and then you are done. No taking demonic pills daily or what nots. I had the Paragard (lasts 10 years with no hormones) between Rory and Simeon and then after Simeon I started researching Mirena (lasts 5 years and has a small dose of hormones). Knowing that I do not handle hormones well I was skeptical but found very little about women having a hard time with the small amount of hormones. I liked the sound of little to no periods and possible blemish control. My OB had never heard of anyone having problems either and actually preferred it. I decided to try it.

My OB distracted me while doing it by asking how life was. I said "I can not imagine life being better! I love everything!" She was surprised but I was really that happy!

I did not tell Roger I was getting the one with hormones because I new he would blame every bad mood on it. I wanted to test it first. After a few months I was fine so I let him on the test.

Shortly after life got hard for no good reason. I was yelling at my kids ALL day and was very unhappy. The only good thing was Roger but he was major concerned about me. He majorly wanted me to take out the Mirena but I did not want to blame my bad behavior on it. I made sure I was doing EVERYTHING I should do physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. When Roger I started to not get along I thought back to the question the OB asked me and my response and here I was 8 months later hating everything for no reason.

I switched my iud to Paraguard much to my OB's dismay. She could not figure that was the problem. Within days I felt SO much better. I have never gone back to feeling that way. At a subsequent visit my OB told me she has heard of others complaining too.

So I will say, I LOVE PARAGUARD IUDs. If you have never had issues with hormones than you should not have a problem with the Mirena. Good Luck!


Audra Bollard said...

Way to go public on the blog! Seriously, I would expect no less from my "open book" friend Kelly :) Thanks for passing on the info.

Emily said...

I remember when you where secretly celebrating the success of the Merina. Thats interesting how it all turned out in the end. I'm glad you are happy again.

The Hoyal Family said...

Kelly, I always know where to go for advice! I HATE any and all hormones and am grateful for your words of wisdom!

Berly said...

Kelly-I hated my Merina. I got it out after a few months because cramping and mood changes. Some of my friends love it, but I have a hard time with hormones - my OB said I should be okay - but I wasnt'. That is good to hear about the other IUD. I will have to research that one. Thanks for the info. I am glad things are better.