Monday, February 25, 2008

On a Tree

We were so excited last Monday! Our family went on our first official bike ride with everyone riding. Simeon was such a big boy! We road a couple miles to a nearby toy store and he never stopped to take a brake nor did he complain.

Naturally we had to wait for him a bit. One of those time we were on a fairly busy street on our way home. Roger, Josh, and Rory rode up to the stop light and got off their bikes to wait. I left Simeon behind a little bit and met up with the rest of them since the sidewalk was separated from the road with grass and trees. After I caught up I turned around to look at Simeon. There he was, off his bike peeing on a tree near the street with cars and bikers passing him. He walked away from the tree with his pants still at his ankles and fell over in the grass. We were too far to help but close enough to die laughing. If only that were the first time he has bared all in public to relieve himself. He never even gives me warning. He just whips it out.

On a similar note, last Sunday Roger took him to the bathroom during Sacrament meeting (yes- we took him before). Our building has 2 chapels and the side of the building we were sitting on we have to walk down a long hallway to get to the bathroom which is next to the other chapel with a meeting the same time as ours. They were gone for a long time and I had to leave for a Stake meeting (yes- I had to leave Sacrament meeting for a Stake meeting- kinda weird).

Finally Simeon came in without Roger. I asked where Papa was and he said "I dunno- he's lost". I left the kids with someone sitting on our row and told people in the foyer to let Roger know where Simeon was. I walked down the long hallway for my meeting and someone asked me if I found Simeon. I guess other people were looking for him too. He had left Roger at the water fountain, walked into the wrong chapel, walked past "our pew" on the other side of the room, not seeing us he walked to front, walked out the door in the front of the chapel, walked down the long hallway on the other side of the building walked across our chapel and sat down with me. Poor Roger kept looking for him in the other chapel until I let him know. I can hear my sister already! "You left his side- what if he ran into the street!" Well, I believe he would not run into the street because he is afraid of cars. He is just not afraid of baring all. "Didn't you guys learn from my son when he was 3 and you took your eyes off of him for second and you lost him at Provo Towne Center wearing a batman costume!" Yea well, its not the first time we have lost a kid who we thought was right next to us. Chances are, its not the last. Good Fun!


Emily said...

I love that you guys do family bike rides. Thats one of my favorite memories growing up; biking, or walking, getting lost, exploring, that kind of stuff with my family.

Berly said...

This story cracks me up. My little Nicole has a hard time holding it, although she just goes in her pants. I can not wait until family bike rides. It won't happen for awhile, but it will come.

Michelle said...

Oh dear, now you are predicting what I am going to say about it!

Spencer is afraid of cars too and there are other people who freak out if I am not right by his side when he is near a curb because they think he is going to run in the street.

I did freak out a little that you rode ahead of him. I do like to keep my eyes glued. I don't ever want to be the crying aunt on the news looking for her adorable missing/kidnapped nephew! You are going to make me go grey little sista!

I can't believe Simmy is riding a bike! We can't get Spencer to even ride a tricycle. He gets frustrated that it doesn't go fast enough and just stands up and walks with it... still straddled, as fast as he can. It is pretty funny looking.

We love family bike rides too. We are going to have to beg, borrow, or steal bikes so y'all can ride with us this summer!

(This is my longest comment ever!)

Peeing story: when Trinton was little he peed on a fake tree in a lobby!!

molly said...

that is the funniest thing i have heard all day! i can just see simeon baring all being like, "what mom? i just had to go and i didn't want you to be mad if i went in my pants!" sooooo funny!