Friday, February 29, 2008

Cough it Up

Josh was sick last week and Simeon this week. I took Simeon to the Doctor yesterday and she was so sickened by his throat and bad breath (another story) she decided to put him on antibiotics despite his quick throat culture coming up negative for step. She took another swab at his throat and it came out bloody (sorry for the image if you don't like yuck stories, don't read).

He had a fever so he knew he was sick but his fever was gone by the time we went to the doctor and he said his throat did not hurt. Of coarse he does not think he needs medicine because "I all better. I not sick". He tried the medicine yesterday and ended up spitting out the last bit I was trying to stuff down saying "I don't want a lollipop!"

He just earned a Webkinz today and as we sat down for lunch I said "Simeon, you need to take your medicine or I am taking away your webkinz". He let me pour it in and he let it all come out along with other bits of food in his mouth. I picked him up and put him in bed where proceeded to cry. . .cough. . .cry. . . cough . . .spew!
I threw him in the shower, took off his sheets and put them in the wash, put new sheets on his bed thinking "What a Punk! How RUDE to throw up! I have heard of kids doing that but not my kids!" I calmed a little bit and tried to see it from his shoes. "Mom wants me take this nasty medicine and I don't think I need it. When I just could not stand to swallow it, it just came out. Next thing I new I was being taken upstairs with out my beloved new pet. I lay down upset and I threw up. Maybe she was right maybe I am sick. Why is she so mad about being right?"
I took him out of the shower and put his clothes on while explaining why I was not happy. I put him in bed and he went to sleep like an angel. Good Fun.

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Mike & Shelby said...

Sometimes we need to put ourselves in "time out" as mommies...good for you for seeing it through his eyes! (Keep giving him the meds though-mommies still KNOW BEST!) :)