Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bee Crazy

On our way home we took a side trip to my brother Uncle Russell's home. My kids love their uncles! Rory call his home a tree house which isn't too far from accurate. I wish I had taken a picture of his cabin!
We took an easy hike next to his place. It was beautiful and buggy. Simmy was nervous crossing this bridge so Rory helped out. Simeon asked "Are you nice to me now!?!" She said yes but later let him know she would not be nice all the time. What a realist.

On our way back Roger and Rory raced back to Russell's cabin. Roger went inside while Rory hid behind a tree to scare us when we got near. She did scare us but in a different way. Before we were close we heard her scream. And scream. And Scream! It takes a lot to get me worried, she screams all the time but this was scared or hurt or something. We guessed she saw a snake until she was not stopping screaming. She screamed and ran into the cabin.
I bolted after her and when I was close to his house I was hit, in the back, by something sharp. That clued me in that she was attacked by bees. I ran into the house and saw her on the floor grabbing multiple spots with Roger checking her out. I asked him to take out my stinger because it felt like something was in me. No stinger on Rory or me. By then the boys had caught up and we realized we were still under attack. Multiple bees were in the house and they were MAD! Roger got stung in his arm. No stinger. Rory was attacked again. Roger and Russell attacked and killed those bees. We won! Well not without wounds. Roger 1, Kelly 1, Rory 9. Here are 7 on her back. Yes I realize this is the 2nd nudey picture in 1 month.

What had Rory done? Apparently she stepped on a hive on the ground behind the tree. My photographer brother took this picture with my camera (Well technically Roger's work camera because I lost mine a year ago Remember?) He also saved the day by taking a stick and throwing her shoe out of the pile risking his own physical well being. She was desperate for her $5 shoe!
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PS- this has been one of the hardest posts to write. All the words and few pictures were erased 3 times then I had fights with videos changing when I moved them. I also had words turn blue and become underlined which took some work. I think blogger is changing some things and has therefore made my life harder.


Berly said...

AHHHHH!! I would have freaked out. Kaylee would have also freaked. When she sees a bee, she runs screaming. I am glad you won the battle and everyone is doing well.

Tami said...

Scary! All of my kids would have been totally screaming. Glad you won the war without too many injuries.

Jenn said...

Oh man, I remember being stung a few times when I was young. Did you put baking soda and water on the stings? that is what my Mom did. Those buggers hurt. Sammy used to say, "I love every one and every thing, except for bees because they might sting me."
And I have tried to teach her that they won't hurt her unless she bothers them...well I think Rory bothered them. I would be mad too if some one had stepped on my house! I am glad you are all okay.

emH said...

We had to get certified in NC to administer epinephrine, and we carried some on us at all times. Around this time of year, you'd be hiking along, minding your own business, not realizing that some mud diggers had taken up residence, and WAMMM! Dozens of screaming kids, streaming yellow jacket spray, and poor guides left to battle them out. Wicked wicked creatures. Yeah for Rory for being so tough.

The Gale Family said...

I wish me n my kids could go to the tree house! But we got Uncle Aaron here right now though... nah nah nee boo boo!

Careful with the monkey in the middle flip overs! I was doing that with Andrew when he was five or so and he slipped out of our hands and landed on the concrete! Bam! Ohhhh!

pcerik said...

I HATE yellow jackets...they are awful. Do you know that we have to put out yellow jacket traps every spring? They are baited with pheromone, so you have to be really careful not to get any on you when you are baiting the traps. Did you know you can also bait them with meat or tuna? It's pretty sick to have such an agressive, stinging, meat eating flyer hanging around your house.