Sunday, August 3, 2008

Future Chemist

So Josh is a future chemist. He is always trying to come up with experiments. I don't like them at all! I often find weird things in the freezer and in his room. Once I asked him to run all experiments by me. He came and told me after the fact. He asked to do an experiment today. He wanted to combine Vinegar and Fish oil and heat them up. Nothing happened so he added ice and dish washing liquid of coarse. In the mean time Roger asked me to make him a lemon slushy. Time passes and I come down stairs in the kitchen and finish some left over "slushie" on the counter. Oh no, it was not slushie. Should my throat be burning right now?


Tami said...

Yuck! Not quite what you were expecting, was it? I think Joshy has just been watching you mix up your miracle elixir too much.

emH said...

Someone we both know used to go through the kitchen and do similar experiments. I recall one; he found anything and everything with alcohol (ei- vanilla %10, mint %80, etc) and made his own little cocktail of nastiness. Of course tabasco and ketchup were also key ingredients simply for the ick factor.