Monday, August 4, 2008

Fear of Heights

We have a new park in Orange County that has a giant balloon ride. The conditions have to be optimal to let anyone ride. We have unsuccessfully tried to go a number of times to find it is too windy or there is not enough visibility. Last Friday while we had our friend's kids over for a normal date night swap so we decided to take them all to the balloon. I have been excited for the ride. My girlfriend went recently and blogged about how the experience was OK, not exceptional, but good for an adventure. So off we went

We had to wait a little bit for weather to improve and to wait our turn but no problem, Roger brought his trusty frisbee. Then it was our turn.

As my title suggestions, somebody found they had a fear of heights and that someone ended up being. . .me. I have been on top of the Empire State Building and that was no big deal because something was under me. In a balloon, there is nothing below except a few ropes. Panic rose in my chest and sunk in my belly. I would have never let on to my fear if one of our guests did not start jumping 400ft into the air. My feet were planted and I had to distract myself with taking pictures. Truly that is what got me through. As soon as I was about to start screaming I would just take a picture.

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As we came back down the kids were all asking to go back up. Ain't no way. Good Fun in a sick sort of way


Kristen said...

That is my dream - to fly in a hot air balloon! And, can I hire out Josh to clean my home?

Jenn said...

That is s ride at a park!?!? Crazy fun!! I had to read a lot of posts because I have been MIA for a while. I loved reading it all. It is good to be back in the blogging world. I love you and miss you.

Hey Maughan said...

You are so ambitious how you haul any number of kids any place with you. I love you for it.