Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Need a Hero

Hero Camp came and went again for the 3rd year and we loved every minute. Here is year 2 and year 1 (scroll down for this one) for reminders. I was able to be much more involved this year and co chaired day one. Roger was amazing and made our Goliath for the week. If you want good details of this year's, my friend posted an entry on her blog that describes each day well. Here are some videos from the last day's songs that the kids had been working on all week. The "I Need a Hero" Song has been used and altered each year making it the Hero Camp song. I don't know how well clicking on the link to the right works. It should take you to a Web Album of the pictures I took and the rest of the songs. As soon as I get a slide show of the week I will post it.
"I Need a Hero"- Whole Group- I could not find Rory and Simeon until the end so don't try too hard
"Always Remember"- Whole Group
"Go Go Go Joseph"- Rory's Group
"Jonah was a Prophet"- Jt's Group
and um Simeon's Song- Simeon's Group
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What a wonderful way to teach!