Saturday, December 27, 2008


I was woken from a unpleasant dream the other night at 3am. When I woke I realized my bed was shaking back and forth. I thought "Cool, I have finally felt an earthquake!" I never imagined it would be in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve (errr- morning) while it was raining. I felt it again and decided to wake up Roger. We did not feel any movement so I told him about my dream and then he told me about his. He was walking up to his sisters house and stepped in a puddle that had snakes and icky things in them. The things started nibbling at his toes so he was shaking them off. . .his toes. . .in his dream. . . and in real life. So much for finally feeling an earthquake. I guess if it were a real one the windows would have been rattling.

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The Gale Family said...

That is so funny! Wayne had a dream that he was playing soccer and kicked me in his sleep... ouch!