Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Last Couple Weeks

Wham bam- here goes a huge post. I have been busy enough to give you a peek into my life all at one time.

My Surprise Birthday Party
Roger was awesome and threw me a surprise birthday party with the help of some friends. He had an interesting theme for the party. Here is the words of the invitation:
Notice Kelly’s short hair: (he had lot of pictures of celebs with short hair and me with short hair)
This party will serve two purposes:
It has taken 10 years for Kelly to grow her hair from the crew cut you see above to the buoyant mane of auburn and gold you are now familiar with. I leave it to you, her friends, to make sure her hair evolves tastefully through the next 10 years. Please come prepared to share all your most brilliant hair tips. There will be a prize for the person with the most fantastic hairstyle.
Kelly is turning thirty. Every little bit of support counts.
I didn't get a group picture but we had around 15 gals and a few husbands come.

Good Fun!
College Friends
I was able to see some college roommates for a few hours. There were 4 of us us girls and 3 husbands who indecently we 3 met those husbands the same year in the same ward. We 7 adults took the 11 kids to In n Out for dinner. I posted a picture of 1 gal's grandma's bathroom wall paper because I really liked it.

My brothers came for Thanksgiving this year "forcing" me to make a feast. I felt very organized with a spreadsheet of each component- where the recipe was- where the ingredients where- when it was needing to be made- and who was going to make it making it easier to delegate.

I did not know how much I loved my fridge until it died. I actually had a meltdown because Roger said we would just bring the cruddy, small one in from the garage (which I was so thankful we had) to use from then on. We were able to get it fixed causing much jubilation in my soul. We even had it fixed for free from a hook up from work. Good old fridge.

Our ward goes all out on most everything and our Christmas party this year was no exeption. With a Grinch Stole Christmas theme and bright colors we were sure to have fun. Just look at the cupcake table.
Not to mention the wild hairdos and decorations.

Santa was fun but not as cool as the Grinch. (Rory has a picture too but I have met my limit of pictures on my blog)

A 2 minute blurb out of 20+ min production.

A few bags and a blanket I have made. I guess I should clarify- the Christmas quilt is almost done. I still have to hand stitch the binding. I love them!

Chocolate Making

Then there was chocolate making. Imagine 15 gals and plenty of kids for 8 hours making chocolate. We made almond rocha, triple chocolate truffles, peppermint bark, cinnamon bark, Taffy Cracks, dipped pretzels, peanut butter cups, chocolate caramels, peanut butter balls and more. It was actually a lot of fun for the 1st 6 hours and then it got to be too long for my pregnant feet. .But look at the loot!


All is well with the baby although I did get a little scolded for already gaining 25 lbs. Yeah well- what do you do? That will be my problem after now won't it?


Grandma and Grandpa T said...

Did you mean indecently or insidently?

Grandma and Grandpa T said...

Oops I mean--- incidentlly---
that is the porper spelling

The Hoyal Family said...

Wow-what a post!
1. Is it really going to take ten years for my hair to grow out?
2. It was fun seeing you and your cute family before Christmas. Thanks for posting that beautiful picture of me at In-N-Out!
3. Holy-Ward-Christmas party! How fun. I love the hairdos! Party On!

Lena said...

Kelly- Is it time for a new camera for Christmas (since I know who has you and Roj) or was someone else assigned photographer. :)
I do love to see all the fun from you and yours.
My kids keep asking when their cousins are coming to visit- I tell them it is our turn to go to your house- fill me in on baptism info when you know it.

pcerik said...

Wow...I now have sister envy.

Jenn said...

okay I am confused, do you have short hair or long hair still, I did not see one picture of you with short hair! let me see, let me see!

The Titmi said...

He had a picture of me with short hair from college- you think that since he met me with short hair he would like it but oh no- he wants me to be 70 years old with long hair

emH said...

Ooo, we miss the fun of you guys! We are always way too far from you. Thanks for bringing it a little closer with your great pictures and stories. I LOVE the bags by the way. What great patterns.

Mom said...

I LOVE the quilt!!!

Chellers said...

I love the blog! What great photos!!! Those bags and quilt are super-amazing. I could never do that. The chocolate on the other hand....that would be my weakness. Congrats on new baby coming too. So fun. It was great to see you this summer. I love blogging now, such a great way to stay in touch. Check ours out whenever.... :-)