Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Christmas Project

I am never good about taking pictures Christmas morning but I will share one of the gifts I made (Emily- don't read if they have not arrived. Disclaimer she lives in England so I don't know how long shipping will take)

Rory helped me make 85 hair clips for 4 girl cousins, a friends bday present and herself. I was really nervous going into the project because I am new to the craft but it really only took us a little over a day to complete.

All of them
Up Close


Lena said...

We love them Kelly and Rory! Thank you so much.

emH said...

The clip actually stays in my children's hair! Ana loves them, but won't wear them except for primary, they're that special. I've got to somehow figure out how to ambush Maia to get them on her head and in a spot where she can't reach to rip it out. I think it was the perfect gift- my girls need more things that make them girlie. Thanks so much!

pcerik said...

So cute!