Saturday, February 28, 2009


Now that Simeon is my big 4 year old we are starting him with sports. What better way to start than to do something that big brother and sister have never done(for good reason might I add). Today was opening ceremonies but after pictures his teammates left. We signed up to do cleanup after so we were stuck in 83 no hiding from the sun weather for the duration. After pictures they had a parade where each team got to run in front of their fans (parents and other teams). Simeon was VERY sad to be the only one from his team but wanted to represent anyway.

He was soooo cute and so not shy when he ran the run the others ran with their whole team and coaches. Most people had stopped really paying attention by this point but all were clapping for the boy running all by himself. He did ask if I was running with him. Not a chance. The video is really shaky because I am laughing and walking (read-wobbling) behind him. Anybody surprised he was not shy? Good Fun!



Michelle said...

Go Simmy Go! Go Simmy Go!

emH said...

Honor. What a brave young man.

Michelle said...

Spencer opened his eyes this morning, looked at me, and said, "Do you remember Swimmy Cocoa Pop?" I said, "Yes!" He said, "he's silly!" Hmmm... do ya think he dreamed about playing with Simmy last night?! It cracked me up that he said "Swimmy" instead of "Simmy". We gotta get our little cousins on the web cam!

Molly said...

oh simmy!!! haha what a cute little boy.