Monday, February 23, 2009

Radical Valentines Day

Is it too late to post about Valentine's?? I have been feeling a little unmotivated to write lately. I guess not THAT much has been going on to want to write about.
We had a fabulous time at an Elder's Quorum 80-'s Valentine's Dance. Who cares that I am huge- I boogied like there was no tomorrow. How often do you get to dance??
It was a perfect evening with awesome friends and perfect timing for a last hurrah. Our ward was split in 3 yesterday along with the other wards in our Stake. I will miss the easiness of seeing great friends!!!
I think most of the pictures speak for themselves.

(Can I say that the girl facing me is due almost a month before me)

(yea- break dancing:))

We let the kids come out of the babysitting co op we had at the church to dance. Josh and this totally cute girl were fantastic dance partners!

Where else would you store your cup?

Great Fun!!


Mormishmom said...

You are hilarious and darling and I'm going to miss your smiling face on Sundays:)

Molly said...

why does your ward always do these insane huge activities? dang makes me feel like a slacker.

Kirbell said...

You rock. So did our ward!! I'm glad we're still together.

Kristen said...

Oh man. This makes me really really miss you!

Berly said...

How fun!! i want to go!!

Doug and Kristi said...

You are like the raddest girl ever!

pcerik said...

Dude, the picture of you holding onto Roger's 'flotation' vest doesn't even look like you, but it had to have been you because that's what you were wearing, and that's your hair...I'm still geeking out about it.