Sunday, February 1, 2009

My January Projects

I have been blogging for 2 years!! I honestly didn't know if I would keep it up but it has become a part of my life. I love sharing with family and friends near and far the little things going on in my life that could easily have never been shared. I really think that you know me better because you know these things about me and my family. I love blogs!!

You will probably see a lot more blogs about giveaways I have found. It goes with my obsession with fabric and if you blog about giveaways then you have more chances to win. The giveaway today is over at The Fabric Shopper with Matatabi Japanese Fabric. I am thinking the fabric would go to making baby shoes for the new guy.

Here are the projects I finished in January:

This is a quilt I started in November for Simeon. I put it away because I needed to work on other projects and because I was having difficulties machine quilting. My inspiration came from a blog that I LOVE for ideas and tutorials. If you are at all interested in learning how to quilt, jump on over to Crazy Mom Quilts. My Christmas quilts came straight from her too. This is a Ragged squares quilt ( "eye ball" quilt) which is perfect for the non perfectionist me. I am making matching quilts for Jt and the new baby boy with their favorite color highlighted. Simeon's is light blue.

Then I jumped back to the second Christmas Quilt. I originally was making the 1st one for me and the second one for Roger's parents but time went by and I knew the second one was not going to get done. Unfortunately, the second one is soooooo much better than the 1st but she won't trade me. The Crazy Mom Quilts post is here. (She did a much better job making it random- I really tried!)

The back:

My 3rd quilt is Joshy's quilt. His favorite color is light green. If you look close enough you will see that when I took the picture I was not done hand stitching the binding. It is done now. Once again I did a MUCH better job the second time around and have learned SO much about quilting this month and I am hooked.

The machine quilting on shown on the back:

Also today Jt was given this awesome quilt by his primary teacher for his baptism this coming weekend. She is so amazing and has been my go to person for my questions about quilting.


Michelle said...

Neato! How do you find time for this stuff?!

Michelle said...

Oh yeah and I love blogs too. I love to see wuz up with my fabulous sister and bro-in-law, and my awesome nephews, and my absolutely adorable niece! I can't wait to see you all this weekend!!!

Kirbell said...

Love the quilts, love Joni, love your blog, love you. You rock, Kelly-T.

Jennifer said...

I feel like a loser next to you! I feel accomplished if my laundry is done.