Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baptism Day

Joshua's baptism day was such a great day.

Of coarse we missed the people who were not there but were so grateful for the people who shared this special day. Jt felt loved and felt like this ordinance was important enough for people to travel to come to. What fun it was to have all these people at my home for a couple days! (not all sleeping though) Honestly, I was felt so blessed to be calm and relaxed the day of the baptism.

We LOVED sharing this day with awesome ward friends.

Josh and Grace's teacher for the second year came too. I love that she knows how important it was for both of them.
We moms put together a nice spread of food for all the people people that came to the baptism. Not only did we have have family there but we had many people from our ward come support our kids. We had over a 100 people (maybe even closer to 150?). I really felt like we had the miracle of the loaves and fishes because not only did we feed everyone but I brought home what felt like more than I made.

Josh with Roger and our dads.

Scripture reading before bed was fun too. Not everyone even made it into the picture.

What a great day!


Molly said...

Yay Joshy! Congratulations, buddy. I'm so glad you chose to get baptized. I know you will continue to make great choices because you are a great boy! Kelly, you are a gorgeous preggo. I want to squeeze you!! :)

emH said...

I am blown away by my own brother. He is looking good! Not that Rog isn't good looking person alone, but he seems to have a good healthy glow about him. Maybe its that he's squatting next to a very cool kid. I was reading in my journal the other night of the days when I first got back from my mission. I have so many tidbits of Josh and Rory-isms that had me so charmed at the time. I really do miss not being apart of their everyday like I was back then. Hang in there! That belly looks so all consuming. Its hard to believe the little Kelly can carry such a load. What a fun weekend. Thanks for sharing!

Melissa said...

Congratulations JT! What an exciting day for him and I am so glad he had so many wonderful people to share it with!

Berly said...

What a special day. Glad family could make it and you look great Kelly!!

GNGT said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of the day. I love seeing them. Kelly you are an awesome mom to keep up with all you do. We love you. We're so grateful Joshua is your oldest. He is a good example, just as Jesus was.