Monday, March 21, 2011


I started this pillow a few weeks ago and made the top all in one day with Rory's help (she made the flower). It's been laying out untouched since then and I finished it today!

Also today, I made this pillow! The second one is on an old wool sweater of mine:) I may go back in a sew a straighter line instead of following the sweater curves.

I have been trying to tie in the orange couch from Roger's parents with my grey walls, white trim and cream, grey and orange curtains. If only the curtains were white. . .

I really am trying to get over my need to not mix cream and white. Aren't I silly that it bothers me so?

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The Gale Family said...

I LOVE the orange flower pillow! I wish we lived closer so I could join in on your fun projects! Among many other reasons.