Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Walk Through Part 4 Outside

(I still am looking for the motivation for the last walk through my house. I have yet to do the basement but it really is boring!)

I bought some bulbs before we closed on the house thinking it wouldn't take so long to close and/or I could plant before we closed. The snow came early and long and my chance left. Even though it is too late, I thought I would plant them anyway. When we bought the house, everything looked dead. I had no idea that come spring, I would have a hard time finding a spot that didn't already have bulbs and perennials sprouting. I am talking thousands. A neighbor came by and assured me these are not weeds!

There are sprouts everywhere!!

The people that lived here before the people who lived here before us took amazing care of their yard from what everyone is telling me. The woman carefully picked which trees were planted based on uniqueness. She had rose gardens that were envied. I know some of this through neighbors but mainly from the daughter. She is in my ward.

The people that bought it intended on it being a flip. When the market went south they were stuck with it. Then the man lost his job and went a little awall. He raised goats and chickens and dug trenches to collect rain water. He built sheds and chicken coops and goat pens. They did not water anything. When they foreclosed and took everything they left all the junk in the backyard and dug out fruit trees. The trash is gone but we still have holes and such to deal with.

With that in mind, let me take you through our yard. It has been gloomy like this for far too long.

First off is the front yard. This tree was something I initailly wanted to get rid of. I thought it was a lone wind breaker type tree. Apparently everyone in the neighborhood LOVES this tree and it is expensive. I looked into trimming it to find that it would kill the tree. It has started to grow on me. Some call it the Dr. Seuss tree. I see Gandolf from Lord of the Rings.
Going through the fence on the left.
Going to the back corner and turning around. Hey there Roj. On your way to get rid of the last of the sheds? Thank you!
Turn just a little to the left and there is the house.

Walk to the left to the next corner. Watch out for all the holes and left over glass.

This is the only good climbing tree but it has been trimmed badly because it is up next to power lines. Roger is trying to trim it.
Turn around and look back towards the corner from whence you came.

Look around me in that corner. Why oh why is there a mound of dirt around this cherry tree?

Look to the last corner. Hello wonderful concord grapes! and Hello little bit of sun!Turn the camera to the right a bit and you can see the house. In the farthest corner there is a plum tree.

Walk to the last corner and turn around.
I was planning a garden but I think I am chickening out this year. There is still so much work to be done. We have 26 trees that need trimming and I bought 4 more fruit trees that I need to decide where to put. I also want to see where the best sun is come summer. We are going to till the whole backyard and plant new grass. I need to figure out how to tend to the things we do have. Add 2 babies to that and I am overbooked. Maybe next year. . . or maybe just a few veggies :)


heidihana said...

What a great yard! So many possibilities. And they'll all wait till next year ;)

The Gale Family said...

Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!!