Thursday, March 17, 2011

Swept Away

My last house was mainly carpet. My bathrooms? carpet. My dining area? carpet. It was a whole heck of a lot of vacuuming. It was bad quality carpet too. I hated carpet.

This house? A ton of hardwood floor. Although I much much prefer this, there is so much sweeping to do and let's face it, my slave of children stink at sweeping. So I sweep often. Oh, to move chair and stools to only move them back and 2 seconds later a sweet almost 2 year old crumbles a cracker. I cried once.

It helps to have 1 of these.
But really, after sweeping 2 days ago I get this:

Not fair- there are toys in there. Okay, I will take those out:
Then 2 days later:
Gross huh? Doesn't help that I do things like:

There's nothing to do but just do it!


Niki said...

Sorry my friend. You'll get no tears from me. I still have that nasty, cheap, wall to wall carpet. Despite the inconvenience of hardwood, I think yours looks lovely. :}

jayna said...

Oh my lady. From one hard floor sister to another, do not pass go...go directly to Sears and spend $80 (find a coupon too) and purchase the Blue Magic vacuum. No more sweeping. It's like a giant, light-weight dust buster (for hardwood, tile, and rugs) that will revolutionize your world. Happy housekeeping! :)

Lena said...

Isn't it great all that stuff isn't hiding in carpet? I love having the wood floors. :)

Martha said...

i am loving your home tour, by the way. and laughed really hard when you said women with 5 kids shouldn't jump on the tramp.

anyway, just wanted to chime in on something i don't personally know about, but thought was interesting. my facebook friend said she has all wood floors, too, and just got that robot vacuum, i think it's called the Roomba. she loves it. it does all the floor cleaning for her.

so, that's all. your house is beautiful.

Jenn said...

I LOATH sweeping. I too vacum. We have a carpet vacum with a hard floor attachment and I love it! However I would be all over the roomba idea.

The Gale Family said...

That's what I was going to say... you need a robot vacuum. Have we talked ya into it yet?