Tuesday, August 21, 2007


We had a blast camping with friends a week ago at Leo Carillo camp grounds. There are spots near the beach but ours was the furthest which ended up making a great spot. The 50 of us had a fairly secluded area which let the kids have more freedom and it meant when our kids woke up at 5am, the rest of the camp ground could still sleep. We stayed for 2 nights and could have stayed longer.

As soon as we got there the kids found some mountain to climb. It was pretty steep and led to a road.

The last day I found the kids to take a picture and this is what they were doing. Joshy was breaking down his tent
Simeon was kissing our friend's cute dog
and Rory. I expected her to be with her girlfriends where she was most of the time but oh no. "I am a boyish girl" was with the boys
and lastly most of the kids had a frog or two as Roger hiked with the kids to a frog pond

Good times

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Kirsten said...

We had a blast, too! But I need to wait a year to do it again.