Wednesday, August 15, 2007


No, nothing exciting like my camera but I did find Rory's birthday pictures already downloaded on my computer. So here is to my beautiful, loud, adventursome, spunky, "I'm kind of a boyish girl", social, expressive, freckly, "I don't have enough jewlery!", smart, not shy, been five for alomost a year already girl. She made a cake with Roger and opened a present from Grandma Haws(the dress) and us.

We went to Build a bear and she picked out a Princess Kitty. Then we went to the Beach. At the beach she was done playing early because she was anxious to get back to the car to play with Princess Kitty. I told her to go tell Papa it was time to leave because he was boogie boarding. She didn't but decided to play in the sand behind me. I heard her and then 30 secs later I noticed I had not heard her and I turned around and she was gone. We looked for her fully expecting her to be playing in a hole or behind a rock. After 5-10 min we had strangers looking for her. Roger, carrying Simeon, went one way and I, holding Joshy's hand, went the other. Roger found her coming back from the car. She thought she cold get in!! The car was down the beach, up a winding ramp and down the street. I thought I lost my girl on her birthday! We left for home promptly.

That night she fortunately slept with her Kitty in the box against her back. She threw up in the middle of the night making "a lake" but Kitty was saved.

We love you Rory!!!

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