Sunday, August 12, 2007


I wanted everyone out there to hear my confessions. Not only do I love Blake Lewis, I LOVE these books by Stephanie Meyer

Rivals with Harry Potter?? Check this site out,5143,695199836,00.html
and here is a review of the book:

It all started for me over a year ago when a friend chose a book for book club and said if you want to read another book my husband's cousin wrote this good book. I read it, LOVED IT (ask any of my Irvine girlfriends, they won't hesitate to tell you how loony I am in general though but then again, neither would you) and have told everyone about it. Mind you, I get a little embarrassed as it is a young adult book and I am clearly an adult. Nor would I suggest a male to read it. This fantastic Mormon author wrote a really good story really well and I get to meet her in 2 weeks. La la la la.

Since I am writing about obsessions, I never felt like I gave adequate closer to my last one. Goodbye Gilmore Girls. I will never forget. . .

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Shelby said...

I have to admit...I am Edward-and-Bella crazed too! I couldn't WAIT for Eclipse to come out!