Monday, August 27, 2007

Joshy's Obsession

Dear sweet Joshy has a new obsession. He loves anything that has to do with dental hygiene. I thought it was fairly normal that the kids steal toothbrushes out of the bag and thus have 5 toothbrushes each. Toothbrushes are colorful and host favorite TV stars (you know, Sponge bob). Flossing with dinosaur flossers did not sound that crazy either. But his new thing about toothpaste has me confused and laughing.
I have had to put toothpaste high in my closet to avoid having 10 open on the counter at a time. My telling him that we have to finish a tube before opening another was excruciating. Tubes last FOREVER! He has snubbed advanced clean toothpaste for extreme clean toothpaste because it apparently cleans your mouth that much better. Before the toothpaste was high I caught him in the bathroom with the door shut brushing his teeth. When I came in I asked if he opened a new toothpaste. With a frothy mouth he shook his head a little. I went under the sink, opened the box, opened the tube and could not tell that he had opened it but I gave him the motherly all knowing look and he caved. He is not even my lying kid he was just that determined! "MOM, I really wanted to try it! It makes my mouth so clean!!"
The day we got back from camping and had not unpacked the toothpaste I came home from an errand and he jumped into my seat in the van. Him jumping up and down on my lap: "Mom, there was no toothpaste and I could not reach the toothpaste so I pulled a table into your closet and got a new toothpaste. It was such an amazing toothpaste." Me: "You realize you are telling me about something you were not supposed to do?" Him:"Yes but it was sooooo exciting" Exciting. What ever cleans your teeth.


Shelby said...

I love it! What a great story.

I guess this is a prime example of learning when to pick your battles! Have at it Joshy!

jenerekfamily said...